Try to keep your cool as you navigate tricky levels in this difficult platformer all about stomping on enemies. Be prepared for a challenge!

Jam Details:
This game was made in the month of November for the 2022 GitHub Game Off jam. The theme of the jam was "cliché." The game received the following rankings:

Category Rank (out of 563 entries) Score (out of 5)
Overall 234.000
Gameplay 6 4.250
Audio 423.750
Graphics 843.750
Innovation 1463.083
Theme 1693.194

The game was featured in the Github Blog!

Jam Submission Page 
Source Code

Tools Used:

  • Godot 3.5 as the game engine.
  • Aesprite for graphics.
  • Chiptone by SFB Games for sound effects.
  • PO-20 and Audacity for music.
Updated 21 days ago
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorDiego Escalante
Tags2D, Difficult, GitHub, Godot, Pixel Art, Retro


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The 1 bit graphics really add the feeling, this game has to make it to the top 100 of the jam


Great job, controls are tight and responsive. Interesting levels.


This is a sweet game, I feel better not having made half life 3 now


Damn this is a hard game, but I enjoyed it a lot!


Although it is meant to be a tricky game, balancing the difficulty was quite a challenge. Especially when accounting for different player skill levels. Thank you for giving it a try!


Super fun. I don’t normally stick with trickier platformers like this, but I’m glad I did! So satisfying. Solid jam entry.


169 deaths :D Nice game !

Thank you for trying out the game!